October-December 2009 Photoalbum Archive

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2009-12-19 Dufty 4 Mayor Trigger
2009-12-18 Kid Santas Singing City Hall
2009-12-18 Com Challenge Grants Mayor City Hall
2009-12-17 RPD Commission
2009-12-16 Holiday Treat Throwdown City Hall
2009-12-15 BOS Gascon Daly Randolph Pedroza
2009-12-10 Bittersweet Day Book Launch Trigger
2009-12-10 SF Uganda Unity Rally
2009-12-09 SF Tomorrow Holiday Party
2009-12-08 SF Zoo Hasani Gorilla Birthday
2009-12-05 Sunnyside Conservatory Opening
2009-12-04 International Gay Lesbian Leadership Conference
2009-12-03Mayor Gay Leadership Welcome Reception
2009-12-02 Tree of Hope City Hall Ceremony
2009-12-01 CA Hall of Fame Dreamers Challenge Scholarship
2009-12-01 CA Hall of Fame Ceremony
2009-12-01 CA Hall o fFame Red Carpet
2009-11-27Harvey Milk March Memorial
2009-11-24 SF Interfaith Council Prayer Breakfast Agnos Newsom
2009-11-23 US Census Office Newsom Speier Ammiano Campos Chu
2009-11-21SF Cheer Drag Benefit Trigger
2009-11-19 NEN Awards City Hall
2009-11-19 Danish Bike City Hall Exhibit
2009-11-18 Salvation Army Honors George Charlotte Shultz
2009-11-17 EcoCenter Herons Head Park LEJ
2009-11-14 Divaversity MCC SF
2009-11-15 Lt Dan Choi MCC SF
2009-11-12 Glide Gala Cecil Williams anniversary 45
2009-11-11 Pelosi Presidio Veterans Day
2009-11-10 Presidio Cemetery Veteran Day Tribute
2009-11-10 Clay Sipes SF Arrival
2009-11-07 Sunnyside Clubhouse Reopening
2009-11-04 Maine Protest Castro Rally
2009-11-02 Jose Cisneros Victory
2009-11-01MCCSF Marshal Minter Stewart Saints Alive
2009-11-01 HIV Community Forum
2009-10-31 Halloween Block Party SNA
2009-10-29 GLBT Historical Society Gala
2009-10-29 Sarah Palin Death Panel Halloween Decor
2009-10-26 Defying Inequality
2009-10-24 Judy Shepard A Different Light
2009-10-24 Milk Branch Library Re Opening
2009-10-23 Mayor Market Street Art Tour
2009-10-23 CIA Director Leon Panetta
2009-10-21 SF PUC Groundbreaking
2009-10-21 Boo at the Zoo
2009-10-10National Equality March Congresssional Cemetery
2009-10-15 Obama Motorcade SF
2009-10-11 National Equality March Capitol Rally
2009-10-11National Equality March DC
2009-10-11 National Equality March: The March - Set 2
2009-10-11 National Equality March: The March - Set 1
2009-10-10 National Equality March: Pres. Obama Speaks at HRC
2009-10-10 National Equality March: Tomb of the Unknown
2009-10-09 National Equality March: Stein Reception
2009-10-09 National Equality March: Friday
2009-10-05 Presidents Cup Harding VIP Reception
2009-10-05 Sunnyside Conservatory
2009-10-05 Dr Elizabeth Blackburn Nobel UCSF
2009-10-04 Jerry Brown Woodland Ave
2009-10-03 Jose SarriaGLBTHistoricalSociety
2009-10-01 Mark Leno Trigger
2009-10-01 Free Tibet City Hall Protest
2009-10-01 Banned Books SFPL