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October-December 2008 Photoalbum Archive.

MCC SF Back to 150 Eureka
Sava Pool Opening
LA to SF Walk Repeal 8 SFCastro to Supreme Court
Marriage Equality Christmas Caroling
UCSF Stem Cell Research Governor Donors
Project Open Hand Luncheon
Emirates Green Dubai SFO
CA Senate Public Safety Hearing
Tree of Hope Lighting City Hall Dame Edna
Assemblymember Ammiano Now Then
Thanks Hank Wilson Castro March
Thanks Hank Wilson EVRC Service
Thanks Hank Wilson Tributes
Toys For Tots Starlight Room
GAPA Gala Margaret Cho SF Zoo
Hank Wilson
City Hall Christmas Trees Inside Out
Prop 8 Recap
Campos Swearing In
SFGMC 30th Anniversary
Stirling Family Aids Grove
World Aids Day 08 Aids Grove
Candlelight March to Castro
City Hall GMC Milk Moscone Brown Silver Britt
GLBTHS Castro Exhibit Space Transformation
Milk Bldg Pelosi Lee Brown Stuart Milk
Interfaith Prayer Breakfast Newsom Brown
Prop 8 Sacramento Nov 22 March
Prop 8 Sacramento Nov22 Signs
SF NAACP NY Gov Leno Brown
Prop 8 Race Forum
CA Supreme Court Herrera Ravel Reaction
Marriage For All Castro Press Conference
Kenneth Cole Awearness Launch Public Signing
Kenneth Cole Awearness Launch Redford VIP
Prop 8 City Hall Nov 15 Rally Fernando
Prop 8 City Hall Nov 15 Crowds Signs
Prop 8 City Hall Nov 15 Speakers
Milk Movie Peoples Premiere
Levis Castro Opening
No On Prop. 8 Sacramento Rally
Veterans Day Parade A Hamilton Post
Veterans Day Parade Veterans for Peace
Veterans Day Parade Reflections
John Burnside Service
Prop. 8 Dolores Park Protest
Prop 8 Candlelight Vigil Crowds
Prop 8 Candlelight Vigil Speakers VIP
Election Day Newsom Balboa BART
Prop 8 Reactions Dorsey Newsom Clerk Dufty
Election Night No On 8
Newsom Voting at City Hall
DA Harris Rep Lee for Obama
Stewart Wedding UU Leno Blake Presiding
No On 8 Glide Service Newsom Religious Leaders
'No on 8' Rally - De Anza College
Yes On 8 Obama Mailer Denounced Newsom Blake
Obama Milk in the Castro
Yes On 1A Pelosi Feinstein Newsom Koop
No On 8 Mayor DA Public Defender Sheriff
No On 8 Chinatown Evan Low
Many Voices One Vision Pelosi Brown Speier Peskin DCCC Gala
Milk Movie Milk Colleagues
Milk Movie Red Carpet Locals
Milk Movie Red Carpet Celebs
Muni 1051 Dedicated to Harvey Milk
No On 8 Yes on H Leno Peskin Ammiano
No On 8 Guerriero Newsom Ting Leno Ma
No On 8 Bently Reserve
Maya Lin DeYoung Exhibit
Maya Lin CA Academy of Science
No On 8 API CAA Chinatown
Yes On 1A Fundraiser Feinstein Koop
No On 8 New posters
Transgender Law Center 6th Anniversary
No On 8 Religious Leaders City Hall
Justice Forum Marriage for All
Equalipalooza No On 8 Encore
NoOn8 Dufty Herrera Peskin Gomez Mafi
Julian Jane Bruce Clean Energy
Chinatown Alioto Newsom Walk
Redwood City No On 8
Equalipalooza Margaret Cho NOon 8
Obama Unity Newsom Lee Google VP
Yes On 8 Counter Demo
Fleet Week Blue Angels
Fleet Week Canadian Snowbirds
Fleet Week VIP Party
Boys At Folsom Street Fair
GLBT Historical Society Gala 08
Rain Barrel Harvest Cesar Chavez School
Star Princess SF Dry Dock
Joy Bianchis Birthday Party
Ericas City Hall Wedding
VP Debate Common Cause
Jump Start Read For TheRecord MC Hammer
Mayors Art Award Alonzo King
Fred Phelps FollowersHonor Del Martin
Del Martin Light Court Reception
Del Martin City Hall Celebrationof Life
Newsom Solar Challenge Solar City Tour
Newsom Garcia ESLI