Apr-Jun 2012 Photoalbums Archive

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2012-06-30 Bates
2012-06-30 Monterey Blvd
2012-06-27 Vigil 4 Texas Lesbian
2012-06-23 Carmen Carrera and Family
2012-06-24 Zumanity
2012-06-24 Grand Marshals On Parade
2012-06-24 OccuPride
2012-06-24 Mayors Balcony View
2012-06-24 Pride Civic Center City Hall VIP
2012-06-24 Pride Parade
2012-06-24 Dykes On Bikes
2012-06-24 Alice Pride Breakfast Mayor Lee
2012-06-23 Pink Triangle Twin PeaksBrown Lee Pelosi
2012-06-21 Marks Pride Party
2012-06-20 SF PUCNew Building
2012-06-13 Daniel Zamudio Plaque Rome
2012-05-27 Piazza Di Siena Show Jumping Highlights, Rome, Italy
2012-05-27 Carosello dell'Arma dei Carabinieri, Rome, Italy
2012-05-25 Loro Piana Grand Prix 2012, Rome, Italy
2012-05-25 Francesca Capponi on Stallone, Nations Cup Rome, Italy
2012-05-25 German Team Wins FEI Nations Cup in Rome, Italy
2012-05-20 Neighborhood Horse Race, Rome, Italy
2012-05-20 Sant'Atanasio Medieval Pageant, Rome, Italy
2012-05-17 Rome International Day Against Homophobia
2012-05-13 Villa Doria Pamphili, Rome, Italy
2012-05-13 Rome Views
2012-05-09 Bologna: View from Tower ('Torre degli Asinelli')
2012-05-09 Trip to Bologna, Italy
2012-04-19 Rome, Italy Palazzo Altemps
2012-04-19 Rome, Italy: Palazzo Braschi
2012-04-18 Rome, Italy: Crypta Balbi
2012-04-17 Rome, Italy: Musei Capitolini
2012-04-15 Rome, Italy: Terme di Diocleziano
2012-04-15 Rome, Italy: Palazzo Massimo
2012-04-14 Rome, Italy: Mercati & Foro di Traiano
2012-04-01 Michelle Obama