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April-June 2009 Photoalbum Archive.

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2009-06-28 MCC SF
2009-06-28 VIP City Hall Party
2009-06-28 Pride Parade Mayor Newsom
2009-06-28 Pride Parade
2009-06-28 Alice Pride Breakfast
2009-06-27Pride Brunch
2009-06-27 Pride Twin Peaks
2009-06-26 Pride Fundraiser Newsom Governor
2009-06-25 Pride Media Party
2009-06-24 King Tut Exhibit
2009-06-24 2009-06-24King Tut Exhibit Launch Ceremony
2009-06-23 city Hall Pride Flag Raising
2009-06-22 First Ladies US CA KaBOOM Playground
2009-06-19 Kaboom Playground Prep
2009-06-18 Castro Iran Solidarity Rally
2009-06-18 Frameline Opening Night
2009-06-17 Accident Market 16th Sts Hanley response
2009-06-17 Mayor New Police Chief
Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano SFO
HIV Budget Cuts SF Sacramento Rallys
Castro Rainbow Flag Protest Fresno San Francisco
Dr Tiller Candlelight Vigil
Cleve Jones Commonwealth Club
AEF County Fair 09
Fresno Meet In The Middle Rally
Selma to Fresno Marriage Equality March - Fernando
Selma to Fresno Marriage Equality March
Memorial Day Presidio Ceremony
Memorial Day Presidio Parade
Fernandos Prop 8 Rally photos
CA Supreme Court Prop 8 MLK Memorial Rally
CA Supreme Court March from City Hall to MLK Memorial
CA Supreme Court Prop 8 City Hall Rally
St Francis Lutheran Service Decision Day
CA Supreme Court Prop 8 Reaction Herrera Kendell
CA Supreme Court Prop 8 Decision
Grace Cathedral Prop 8 Decision Eve Service
Conant Foundation Fundraiser at Mix
Carnaval Parade SF 2009
Sec Education Duncan Marian Wright Edelman
Sec Education Duncan Revere School
Mayors Roundtable Secretary of Education
Sec Education Duncan Mayors One
San Fran Gay Mens Chorus Joan Baez
Pink Triangle Volunteer Appreciation Toad Hall
Alma Bay Cruise Maritime NHP
GGNRA Superintendent Brian O'Neill
LGBT Iraqis Castro Rally Rainbow World Fund
Gays Without Borders/
San Francisco
Newsom Tour of Richmond Library
Mayor Poet Laureate DiPrima Richmond
Raphael House Four Seasons
Newsom Castro Pedestrian Plaza
SFGMC Whoa Nellies May 21
Mayor Principal of Year Teacher of Month Awards 09
Dustin Lance Black Armistead Maupin At A Different Light
GLAAD SF Dinner May 09
GLAAD SF Red Carpet May 9 09
GLAAD SF After Party May 09
Matthew Shepard Foundation Imperial Court Skylight Room
SNA May Meeting
Italian Holiday Part 2
Jose Cisneros Kick Off
BLISS Jimmer
BLISS with Juanita More and Boys
BLISS May 03
Castro Farmers Market Debut
Sisters at Library
Santa Maria della Vittoria
St. Ignatius Loyola
'Cristo Morto' Procession
Italy Week One
Newsom Ingleside Police Station Crime Stats
Tim and Roma Show Lookout